Parental Alienation Is Going Down - Hard!

It may or may not be too late to save some of our own children from parental alienation, but nonetheless our battle continues on. Not for the sake of our children – for the hundreds of thousands of children who would fall victim to parental alienation if we, the alienated parents, chose to do nothing more about it.

Kasem Cares Foundation in Sacramento

In Sacramento Discussing Parental Alienation and the CA Visitation Bill – 8/22/2014.

The personal battles that we all endure are just a small part of the road ahead. Now is the time that we must unite together, share these atrocities, and rise up. Parental alienation is officially “on the ropes” and change is near.

We traveled to Sacramento this week to meet with several lawmakers and the California Governors Office. The latest strategy to eliminate parental alienation is proving to be very successful. Lawmakers are sick to their stomach (literally) with the stories of parental alienation abuse.

Thanks to the power of social media, folks like Kerri Kasem (son of the late Casey Kasem), and all those involved with The Kasem Cares Foundation, the days of Parental Alienation are officially numbered. California’s “Visitation Bill” will help eradicate Parental Alienation, it’s terrible stigma on society, and put these child abusers where they belong – in jail.

In collaboration with over a dozen Parental Alienation activist groups, next on the agenda is an effort to rally our influence among celebrities, models and actors/actresses across the country. Some of which, were also victims of parental alienation at one point in their life. Our collective voice will be heard clear across the United States of America, as we raise awareness, and bring this issue to the forefront of every state’s legislature.

We are pleased to announce that similar initiatives are actively underway in Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota and Texas.

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