Resources For Alienated Parents

Parental Alienation is a campaign of denigration inflicted upon one parent by the other. Parental alienation can happen to anyone – Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and even extended family members. Parental alienation is more common in situations where custody disputes are present, although research shows that parental alienation is also present in cases that are absent of any active custody dispute.

Parent Alienation Directory

A parent who engages in parental alienation is extremely psychologically disturbed. This parent lacks the ability to empathize with the other parent, as well as the needs of the child or children involved.

Parental Alienation is the ultimate analogy to a VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE! Parental Alienation is like a “freight train” once it picks up steam, and the ability to stop it becomes more and more difficult. Keep in mind: Parents who engage in repeated parental alienation are often times determined to destroy the relationship between their child or children and the other parent. Short of Court intervention – there is no stopping them.

Do NOT waste any more time letting your situation go unresolved.

This website contains the largest and most credible directory of parental alienation professionals in the United States. Use it to empower yourself! We know this situation is difficult, but you will make it through this. If parental alienation is new to you: We encourage you to read more about parental alienation and familiarize yourself with our Self Help Guide.